Joan of Arc: Voices in the Fire

Joan of Arc: Voices in the Fire

Collaboratively created with third year MFA students at Columbia University

Co-directed with Kristin Linklater

Produced by Columbia University, New York NY



Kassiani Austin

Lena Bull

Lauren Cipoletti

Zach C. Clark

Neil D’Astolfo

Tom Giordano

John Garrett Greer

Laura Lassy

Simone Leonora

Allison Minick

Michael Mullen

Nika Ezell Papas

Paige Patterson

Anita Petry

Hardy Pinnell

Vincent Torres

Liba Vaynberg



Set Design by Kris Stone

Lighting Design by Dante Olivia Smith

Costume Design by Oana Botez

Sound Design by Jay Spriggs

Properties Design by Samara Weiss

Fight Choreography by Joe Travers

Stage ManagerTom Taylor