Sophie Gets The Horns

“The play’s director, Rebecca Wright, teases out precise, lived-in performances that maintain a naturalism while fitting into a stylized and fluid production.” -New York Times
“In keeping with the heightened mood, director Rebecca Wright ensures a crisp, athletic pace similar to that of Pugilist Specialist, the ensemble’s breathless military satire. Yet she also introduces dissonant, looping choreography, appropriate to the fever-dream quality of Sophie’s flashback narrative.” -Village Voice


The Merry Wives of Windsor

“Director Rebecca Wright sets the frivolity in a sort of hillbilly hollow, against a backdrop of colorful sheets hanging from tiered clotheslines. The theme works, not just because it dovetails nicely with Shakespeare's intentions, but also because it's happening inside the sloping grass bowl - a real-life hollow - at a neighborhood park, with dogs running past, children playing, and barbecues sizzling, a setting as informal as its subject.  Best of all, Wright assembled a cast bursting with some of Philly's finest young talent.“      -Philadelphia Inquirer



“Director Rebecca Wright's production keeps most of our attention on the women, whose stories overlap in the shared kitchen…the show's visuals articulate the need to escape the past, and celebrate the power of hope.” -Philadelphia City Paper
“This beautifully crafted and intensely moving drama about the legacy of racist fear is served by a powerful cast and an imaginative and skilled director, Rebecca Wright.” -Philadelphia Inquirer



“If you’re interested in experimental theatre, don’t miss this one.   …Rebecca Wright directs this high-precision 'movement opera' where many things happen at once (as they do in history)" -Philadelphia Inquirer
“The troupe’s signature choose-your-own-adventure narrative structure is incredibly innovative and fun. And unless you’ve seen an Applied Mechanics performance, chances are, it’s unlike any other theater experience you’ve had. The audience is free to roam the space as they choose and wherever they go, they become engulfed in the action.” -Philadelphia Weekly



“You choose your own adventure, with deft guidance by director Rebecca Wright, who brings up the volume of a discussion in one corner while softening another.” -Philadelphia Inquirer



“That it works at all is a considerable feat; that it's consistently engaging without being overwhelming, that it creates a taut, cohesive, and compelling socio-political drama, and that it's also very funny and frequently moving all speak to some serious ingenuity. Truly Delightful.” -Philadelphia City Paper
“Rebecca Wright kept her direction sharply focused, so that the timing of conversations and the logistics involved in delivering them reveal the storyline, no matter where you roam or what you witness. Portmanteau is meaty and curious - and as close to a piece of installation art as theater gets.” -Philadelphia Inquirer