Sophie Gets The Horns

Sophie Gets the Horns

By Adriano Shaplin

Produced by The Riot Group, New York NY



Kristen Bailey

Drew Friedman

Adriano Shaplin

Mary Tuomanen

Stephanie Viola



Set Design by Caitlin Lainoff

Lighting Design by Maria Shaplin

Costume Consultant Katherine Fritz

Sound Design by Adriano Shaplin

Stage ManagerBayla Rubin



New York Times

“The play’s director, Rebecca Wright, teases out precise, lived-in performances that maintain a naturalism while fitting into a stylized and fluid production.”


Village Voice

“In keeping with the heightened mood, director Rebecca Wright ensures a crisp, athletic pace similar to that of Pugilist Specialist, the ensemble’s breathless military satire. Yet she also introduces dissonant, looping choreography, appropriate to the fever-dream quality of Sophie’s flashback narrative.”