We Are Bandits

Collaboratively created immersive punk play with music

Produced by Applied Mechanics, Philadelphia PA



Mary Tuomanen

Thomas Choinacky

Isabella Sazak

Aime Donna Kelly

Adam Kerbel

Kate Raines

Anita Holland

Annie Wilson



Production Design Maria Shaplin

Set Design Caitlin Lainoff

Sound Design Adriano Shaplin

Costume Design Nikki Delhomme

Design Assistant Liz Phillips

Set Assistant Emily Schuman

Creative Collaborator Jessica Hurley

Stage Manager Bayla Rubin



Philadelphia Inquirer:

“We Are Bandits is impressive and provocative theater.”



“[We Are Bandits] jumps unabashedly into a bubbling theatricality that allows a single story to be told—and understood—in many ways.” 

Philadelphia City Paper

“You are just as likely to see a character starting a revolution as you are to see a character brushing her teeth.”



“You can’t see everything. You have to choose. Scenes blend into one-another with the precision of clockwork, characters split up or come together, and stories weave together unexpectedly. It’s magical to be in the midst of it, to wander through the show and realize that no one else is having the precise experience you are. Every audience member leaves with a different story.”